WWP is an independent, fee-only financial planning firm serving clients in the Portland, Oregon area.

- Who I Am -

Tyler R. Elliott, JD, CFP® - Owner & Principal - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ Professional

I am a former attorney, a current member of NAPFA, and a sworn fiduciary to my clients. My practice includes Financial Life Planning and Investment Advisory services paid via a monthly retainer fee.

- Who I Work With -

Medical Professionals, Nike Employees, Tech Professionals, and other Gen X and Gen Y professionals.

My focus is on households in their 20's, 30's, and 40's who have questions such as: We have good income and are making more money than we ever have — why does it seem like we have nothing to show for it? / How can we travel every year and pursue our personal interests without compromising our long-term goals? / What are our long-term savings goals, anyway?

- The Approach -


Your Goals / Your Dreams

True wealth isn't measured by dollars in a bank account but, rather, by the capacity to live life on chosen terms. That begins by figuring out what matters most...to you.

Planning Not Products

Our focus is on organization & process, transforming complex financial decisions into affordable action steps. No wealth required. No products sold.


- The Process -

1. A 15 minute introductory phone call to see if we're the right fit to work together.

2. A complementary 60 minute consult to assess your current finances and explore the Financial Life Planning Approach.

3. We then work to identify your true values, develop your vision of the ideal life, identify your personal and financial goals, clarify your priorities, and identify the appropriate solutions to support your financial plan.

4. We empower you with a forward-looking cash flow plan and a savings and investment strategy that is designed to help clarify your vision over time while remaining adaptable to inevitable changes in life.

Click here for additional information on planning process.

- Why Work With a Fee Only Planner? -

Have Your Watershed Moment

WA·TER·SHED MO·MENT / An event marking a turning point in a state of affairs. / "A watershed moment in life comes when our dreams and goals come into clear focus and we begin to work toward them on a daily basis."

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